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Put Broken Glass To Good Use

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If you have a broken window around your house, then you want to get a window replacement as soon as you can. Leaving the window broken will put you at an increased risk of having a criminal or pests enter your home. Other problems with a broken window include injuries to someone in the household and increased heating and cooling bills. In some cases, you can repurpose some of the glass pieces that come out of the broken window. If you are someone who likes to do craft projects, then you may want to consider saving some of the broken glass pieces and using them for one of the projects detailed below. *Tip: Make sure you wear work gloves when you are handling the glass so you don’t end up with cuts. Use the glass to create mosaic stepping stones You can paint one side of the glass pieces all different colors and allow them to dry. Then, mix up some fast drying cement and pour it into a shallow cake pan that has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Press the pieces of glass color-side down into the wet cement and make sure all of the edges of the glass are even with the cement. Allow the concrete to dry all the way and then take the stepping stone out of the pan. Once the stepping stone is out of the pan, allow it to set for another few days before displaying it in your yard to make sure it is fully hardened. Making this type of stepping stones will allow you to have full control over the different colors, so you can match them to the rest of your landscaping. Using the glass will give the stepping stones a glossy and colorful looking appearance that helps them to stand out. Use the glass to create a textured painting If you are an artist looking for a way to liven up your paintings, you can incorporate some of that glass into them. Just as above, you can paint the backs of the glass any color you want and allow them to dry. Paint your canvas and once the paint has all dried on both the canvas and the glass pieces, add glue onto the painted side of the glass pieces and press them onto your painting. You can use this method to give buildings the appearance of real glass windows, to create a shinier sun or to add any other touches you want. The third dimension will add a whole other level to your masterpiece. The above ideas describe just a couple of ways you can reuse some of the glass out of your broken window. You can come up with many more and create some unique pieces to display around your...

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Five Ways To Change The Mood Of Your Room Using Window Treatments

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Feel like changing the mood in your home this spring? It is easy to alter the atmosphere and change the mood of any space using one simple element: window treatments. If you want to give a space of your home a distinctly different vibe, consider some of the following suggestions: Give a room an open, airy feeling. Open up a small space in your home with sheer panels that are longer than the actual window measurements. Allowing the fabric to puddle on the floor will make the room seem taller, and will even give it a light, carefree appearance. Hang the curtain rod a few inches above the top sill of your window to make the ceilings seem even higher. Bring a sense of warmth to a formal space. Give your room an instant sense of intimacy and warmth by choosing rich, textured drapes that can be pulled tight for privacy, or opened wide to let the sunshine in. Choose opaque material, preferably in colors that coordinate with the colors of your room, and that will meld with the walls creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Make your small space seem larger. To make a room seem larger, buy window treatments that are the same shade as the wall color. Paint the walls and ceilings the same color and hang matching drapes to create an optical illusion that makes your room seem bigger and taller than it actually is. Be sure to remove any obstructions from the front of your room’s windows to further enhance the feeling of a larger room. Turn a large empty space into something more intimate. If you have the problem of a space that is too big or empty, use window treatments to make it seem smaller and more welcoming. One way to achieve this is by using valances hung across the middle of the window, instead of at the top sill. Use vinyl window clings in the top pane to provide privacy and to further enhance the feeling of a smaller, cozier space. Check out draperies and window treatments online (like at and similar websites) to bring a new feeling to your space, and to get the best options for your buying budget. Create an illusion with the intentional use of window treatments to address the issue, and to turn your room into the space that you desire. Be sure to swap treatments periodically to allow time to launder or clean your curtains or drapes, and to coordinate your home’s décor with the current...

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More Than Just A Place To Sleep: Fast And Frugal Decorating Tips For Making Your Bedroom Your Own Personal Sanctuary

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Considering you probably spend an average of seven to eight hours each night in your bedroom, it should be a room that gets a lot of attention. However, bedrooms are often thought of as being nothing more than a room to sleep in.  With minimal time and expense, you can make your bedroom into a room where relaxation and inspiration meet. Walking into your bedroom each day will be like going to your own personal retreat, and an inspirational bedroom may even help you get a better night’s sleep. Banish bedroom clutter The first step to creating your bedroom sanctuary is to remove any items that you don’t need in the bedroom. Clutter and serenity do not exist in the same room. If you have been using your bedroom as a catch-all area for laundry, exercise equipment, and holiday decorations, it’s time to clear out the clutter. If your nightstand does not have drawers to hide bedside necessities, use a decorative basket for holding items rather than leaving them on the nightstand. The goal is to achieve a clean appearance. The same holds true for the dresser top. Bring the things you love into the bedroom Add shelves or a bookcase to the bedroom for displaying your favorite items. The bookcase or shelves should be placed on the wall at the foot of the bed so you can see them easily. Think of it as your own private museum. What books inspire you? What art pieces do you have displayed in other areas of the home that you can’t live without? What photos are precious to you? These are a few of the things you may want to display on the shelves in your bedroom. Displaying the items you love in your bedroom means being able to see the things that mean the most to you before you go to sleep and when you wake up. Being surrounded by the things that have the deepest meaning to you will make you smile and can inspire you to be the best you can be. Buy a few new decorative items Adding just a few new decorative items can transform the look of an entire room. You can shop for cheap home décor items online that will look much like their expensive counterparts. Be careful not to add more than a few items. Simply choose decorative items that will make a big impact. For instance, a large framed art piece of a lovely landscape or an inspirational quote can become the focal point of the room. Some other decorative items that can induce a serene bedroom environment include candles, vases of silk flowers, inspirational figurines, and artificial plants. Cheap metal or wooden signs engraved with single words are simplistic but can make a powerful and inspiring statement in the bedroom.  Look for signs with words such as dream, believe, cherish, love, hope, live, and laugh. Transforming your bedroom into a room that’s more than just a room to sleep in does not require a lot of time or money. By cleaning up the clutter, using items you already have, and adding a few cheap home décor items, having your own personal sanctuary can quickly become a...

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Common Plumbing Problems That You Should Be Able To Diagnose

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Your plumbing system is likely a critical component of your home, but it often goes unappreciated. However, you will very quickly notice if something does go wrong. Critical failures can lead to very expensive damage to your home, which means that early detection is extremely important. To help you find any potential plumbing problems in your home before they strike, here are some of the biggest warning signs: Lack of Hot Water If you are having problems with your hot water, then there are two potential causes. Firstly, your hot water pipes might have a leak or a blockage. These pipes run parallel to your normal water pipes, but are separate, which means that a problem could affect one and not the other. If you have hot water in some parts of your home, but not others, then the piping is likely the problem. If there is a hot water pipe leak, then you need to be very vigilant, since that hot water can allow the rapid growth of mold and bacteria if its pooling in a dark area of your home. On the other hand, you might just have problems with your hot water heater, which means that the plumbing isn’t responsible. If your entire home is affected, the you will want to look at the water heater and the plumbing that is leading out from it, since you might have a leak somewhere in that area, prior to any branches in the pipes. Mold Mold is a huge warning sign of a leak, since it can be a health hazard all on its own. While most molds aren’t very dangerous, they can cause respiratory distress in individuals with poor health. Molds grow where there is standing water, which can easily be caused by a leak. When handling mold, make sure that you protect yourself and seal the remains of the mold when disposing of it. Bleach and ammonia are both valid options for killing the mold, but you should make sure to dilute them with water in order to conserve materials. Paint Blisters You could also have blisters forming in the paint in certain parts of your home. This is caused by water getting trapped between the pain and wallpaper, often indicating a leak in the vicinity. If you do notice paint blisters, then you want to look up. Since gravity is pulling the water down, the leak is often above the blisters in question. Contact a company like Hilmans Plumbing, or another location, to get more plumbing tips and...

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Par Excellence — 5 Steps To Creating A French Formal Garden In Your Yard

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If you’re looking for a striking landscaping design that can serve as the perfect frame for a beautiful home, look no further than a formal French-style garden. A classic garden design filled with geometry and beautiful designs, a French garden landscape can transform any yard into a work of art.  If this sounds like the right thing for your home, here are 5 steps to get started. Start with a View from the House French gardens were designed to complement and highlight the beautiful homes to which they were attached. To mirror this, start by creating a long center line from the center of your home straight out through the yard. This central view is the backbone of your garden design. Enhance the home’s presentation and avoid obstructing the views by planting trees in straight lines along the outer sections of the yard while leaving only low plantings near the house.  Create Symmetry and Shapes Radiating out from the central axis line should be geometrical shapes and/or swirling, unique designs using greenery and hardscaping. Most French gardens use neatly trimmed hedges to create fun designs in the garden. You can plant beds inside the hedges and surround them with gravel paths that meander around the garden. The contrast between plants and gravel or hardscaping will help make your design more visible and attractive.  Complement with Statues and Fountains Once the garden’s general design has been laid out, it’s time to add some fun touches. French gardens took their cues from Italian Renaissance design, so feel free to add classical Italian, Greek or Roman statues as focal points in the yard. Water fountains are another good way to create interesting points and add contrast. For example, a circular fountain placed in the center of a star-shaped or square bed balances both shapes nicely. You can find garden water fountains for sale in your area or online.  Throw in Some Color As a final layer to your French garden, plant some soft flowers inside the shapes and around the edges to soften the hard lines of hedges or hardscapes. Traditionally, French gardens were limited to white, mauve, blue and pink flowers. But you can add a modern touch by including other flowers, such as a variety of roses, crocus or climbing sweat peas.  And a Folly or a Pond If you have a large enough yard and sufficient budget, you can go beyond the basic by adding some of the most unique features of a traditional French garden: a reflecting pond or a folly. Follies were specially-built structures designed to look like ruins or castoff architecture from ancient civilizations. A simple folly could be a Greek column covered in vines or a Roman water fountain half-buried in a flower bed. A folly can turn an ordinary space into something few guest will forget.  Designing a formal French garden is a project any homeowner can enjoy. If you follow these 5 steps to outlining your basic garden layout and adding some classic touches, you will quickly have a yard that will thrill guests and make you proud for years to...

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Natural Food Supplies You Can Use To Fight Pests

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If you want to try and deal with ants in your home in a non-toxic and more natural way, there are a number of options you can use. One approach is to try and use largely food ingredients that you’re familiar with because then you can be sure that what you’re using is non-toxic since you could just eat it anyway.   Cornmeal All that is really necessary for you to use this approach is to put a small dish with a big pile of cornmeal in it in any area that you suspect may contain ants. Ants are attracted to cornmeal, but they can’t digest it. The goal is to drop it as close to the ants’ home as possible in order to get them to bring it back into the colony. This will actually cause them to starve to death because their bellies will be full of something that they can’t actually get nutrients out of or even really get rid of in any way. The approach isn’t fast, but it is effective. Mint Mint tastes just fine to humans, but ants can’t stand it. You can use mint oil or even just bags of mint tea in any location where you want to discourage ants from coming. The strong scent of the mint will encourage them to stay away and go elsewhere for their foraging. Sugar It’s possible to trap ants with sugar since they will be highly attracted to it. One common recipe is to use sugar with highly watered down boric acid; it is toxic to ants, but it can be made safe to humans and pets provided you water it down sufficiently. You need to mix at least 1 teaspoon plus 6 tablespoons sugar in 2 cups of water. You should make this even more diluted if you’re worried about children and pets. You can then soak it all in cotton balls and put the balls around your house. The ants will load up on it and then bring it back to the nest, slowly poisoning all of the ants there. If they poison themselves with a low enough dosage and slowly enough, they often won’t notice the problem. Also, you can either just use these supplies on their own or else purchase supplies that contain these ingredients. Many products containing the ingredients are more effective since they will contain the components using the highest quality sources at the exact right amounts. For more information, talk to a company like ASE Pest & Weed...

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Tired Of Your Hard Water? Here Are A Few Things To Know About Water Softening

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If you have hard water, your plumbing pipes and appliances may not last as long as they would if you had soft water. Hard water contains a high amount of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It’s undesirable because these minerals form deposits on pipes and appliances that the water comes into contact with. For instance, the scale buildup you see on your glass coffee pot is caused by hard water. This same buildup occurs on all the plumbing in your home. After several years, it can clog pipes and cause clogs. The solution to the problem is to install a water softener. Here are a few things to know about getting softer water. How A Water Softener Works A water softener is much more than a filter. Rather than filtering out the minerals, it removes them through ion exchange. The tank of a water softener is filled with salt and the salt and calcium ions exchange in a chemical reaction inside the softener. Hard water goes in and soft water comes out. This reaction uses up the salt, so you have to replace the salt in a water softener on a regular basis. Installing A Water Softener You can install a water softener in your home whether you live in a house or apartment, and whether you rent or own your home. The softener is placed inline with your water main so all the outlets in your home deliver soft water. This is different from a typical home water filter that just treats water at the kitchen sink. This way the water used in bathing and doing the laundry is softened too. You can buy a water softener or rent one. Renting might be a good option if you don’t plan to live in the same place for very long. Rental agreements may come with a maintenance plan included as well, so you won’t have to worry about making repairs or cleaning the unit yourself. Benefits Of Soft Water While installing a water softener helps protect your pipes and appliances, it has other nice benefits too. Soft water reacts better with soap. It causes soap to make suds more readily, so you can reduce the amount of soap you use to do laundry and the dishes. It also makes the soap more effective, so your laundry may seem softer and cleaner. You’ll notice the difference in your skin and hair too. Your hair will feel silkier and your skin will feel nice and smooth after you shower rather than dry and tight. A water softener may save you money over the years by prolonging the lives of your appliances and plumbing pipes, but you may think the expense is worth it just for the extra sudsing power and the effect it has on your skin. For more information, contact a company like Anderson Water...

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4 Considerations For Installing Fencing On Your Property

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To be sure that you are purchasing and installing a chain link fence that can enforce boundaries and enhance your property overall, you will need to understand some tips. These tips will help steer you in the right direction and allow you to make the decisions for purchasing a fence and getting it installed. Follow these points and use them in order to get the fence that you need for your property.  Find Out How Much Your New Fence Installation Will Cost If you’re thinking of getting a new fence installed, the cost will understandably be a big part of the process. Because of this, you need to plan on getting several estimates of labor, supplies and service, so that you have a clear idea of the prices contractors are offering in your area. Based upon a nationwide study, the purchase of a fence and installation can cost you, on average between $16.30 to $21.83. Getting some quotes ahead of time will allow you to get the best prices possible in this regard. Shop Around For The Chain Link Fence Specifications That Will Protect Your Home It is also important to note that there are plenty of different types of chain-link fences. Some examples include fences that are about 2 in.² and built in a mesh style, fences that are zinc coated to prevent rust and your standard medium-size chain-link fence, with no extra coding or color added. You will need to take inventory of your home to get an idea of which will work best for your property.   Find The Right Contractor To Handle Chain Link Fence Installation Project Perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle is which contractor you get to install your fence. There are some things you will need to keep in mind as you reach out to potential contractors. First and foremost, get an idea of your contractor’s experience level in relation to the size and scope of your project. You should also be sure that you research the needed zoning changes, permits or any other municipal obligations, and ask your prospective contractor whether they will take care of that legwork for you. Have a contractor walk you through their construction process and provide a look at their previous work, so that you can feel comfortable about the hire that you make. Purchase A Gate Opener If you are building a fence that surrounds the entrance to your property, or simply want to streamline the process of getting in and out, consider buying an automatic gate opener. These gate openers will require professional installation, which will cost between approximately $2,000 and $8,000 total. Shop around between contractors to get the best price and service. Use these tips so that you can get the chain link fence that you need for your...

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Fall Lawn Care Dos and Don’ts for Cool-Season Grasses

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When the cooler months of fall approach, homeowners in the northern portion of the country (those with cool-season grasses) must begin preparing their lawns for the harsh winter months. This way, their lawns will be in the best possible shape come springtime. As you prepare your lawn this fall, however, there are some important dos and don’ts to keep in mind that will ensure the best results and save you a lot of weeding, seeding, and hassle next spring. DO Use a Winterizer Fertilizer Fertilizing your lawn during the fall is a must if you want to have any semblance of a healthy, lush lawn in the spring. The best times for fertilizer application can vary greatly from one cool-season state to the next, but you generally want to apply a fertilizer just before the first frost or heavy freeze of the season. Be sure to use a winterizer fertilizer, which will provide your grass with nutrients it needs to grow back strong when temperatures warm back up. DON’T Forget the Pre-Emergent Believe it or not, weeds that will plague your lawn in the spring are likely already germinating this fall. Therefore, the best way to get an upper hand on them is to simply apply a pre-emergent during the early months of fall. This can help you avoid a potential weed problem this spring. If you’re looking for an organic, natural pre-emergent, you can spread corn gluten meal on your lawn, as it’s quite effective. DO Make Use of Fallen Leaves If you have lots of leaves to rake up on your lawn this fall, make use of them! Don’t just bag them and toss them out. You can actually use your leaves as mulch and spread them on your lawn to use as a natural fertilizer. Of course, you shouldn’t use this in place of a regular fertilizer, but mulched leaves can help to add more nutrients to your lawn that will come in handy this winter. DON’T Mow Grass Too Short Finally, when you’re preparing to mow your grass for the last time this season, be sure to leave it decently long. This will help to insulate it from frost this winter. Mowing too short can leave the grass more susceptible to weed overtake and will also leave it growing back patchy in the springtime. Stick to one of the longer settings on your lawn mower for the best results. For further advice, contact an establishment like Turfcare Unlimited Lawn Spray...

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Carpet In Good Shape

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A good-quality carpet does not just improve the look of your home; it also adds insulation in the winter. Whether your carpet is brand new or 10 years old, it is very important to take proper care of it. If you treat your carpeting well, it will last you many more years. Here are five helpful tips for keeping your carpet in good shape: Take Care of Set-In Stains Although spills should be cleaned up immediately, that is not always possible. If the spill has been on the carpet for a few hours already, dip a dry wash cloth in some detergent and blot the stain for a few seconds. Wait about 15 minutes. Then dip another wash cloth in vinegar and dab the stain with it. After another 15 minutes, pat the stain with a wash cloth dipped in warm water. Use Furniture Coasters If furniture sits on your carpet for a while, it can create dents. These dents look unsightly and can be quite difficult to remove. If you do not feel like moving your furniture around every month, you should put coasters under the furniture legs. Vacuum More if You Have Pets Although it is important to vacuum at least once or twice a week no matter what, you may have to do it more often if you have pets. Dogs and cats tend to shed a lot, making your carpet look unkempt. To keep your carpet looking nice, remember to vacuum it at least every other day. Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned Even if you do a good job keeping your carpet spotless, you should still get it professionally cleaned once a year. Professional carpet cleaners have the right equipment and products to remove deep stains from your carpet, helping it look fresh again. Spending the extra money every year will prolong the life of your carpet. Keep the Curtains Closed The sun’s ultraviolet rays do not just harm your skin; they can also fade your carpet. That is why you should remember to keep the curtains closed when the sun is shining. Blocking the ultraviolet rays will help your carpet look newer longer. Keeping your carpet beautiful does not have to be a challenge. If you follow these helpful tips, your carpet will last you many more years. When guests come over to your house, they will be impressed at how nice your carpeting...

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